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Classic One Day Eyelash Extension Training

Group Classes $795/per person
One on One Sessions $995
Training manual and kit to service 50+ clients provided
Refresher Course $400 (no kit provided)
Deposits are due two weeks prior to date selected
Classes are typically on Sunday or Monday for 8 hours

Course Contents:

Safety and Sanitation
Assessment and Consultations
Preparation/Setup of Work Area
Overview of Eyelash Extensions
Application Preparation
Practice on Mannequin
Hands On with Model
Isolation, Pickup and Coating Lash
Certification Process
Career Building/Marketing

Kit Contents:

(1) Pro-Classic Series Adhesive
(1) Gel remover
(1) Primer

(25 pc) Mascara wands
(25 pc) Flocked Applicators
(100 pc) Microbrushes
(1) Jade Stone
(30 pc) Disposable Adhesive Film
(25 pc) Premium Glue rings
(1) Scissors
(1) ESD-12 Tweezers

(1) ESD-17 Tweezers
(1) Micropore tape
(5) Lint Free Eyepads
(5) Hydrogel Eyepads
(1) Mannequin Head
(1) Air blower
(1 pk) Practice Eyelashes
(1) Crystal Pallet

(1) Dental Mirror
(1) B .15 Mixed Tray 8-13mm
(1) C .15 Mixed Tray 8mm-13mm
(1) C .15 Ellipse Mixed Tray 8mm-13mm

Training Dates:

Jan. 14th 22nd 23rd
Feb. 11th 27th 28th
Mar. 12th 13th 25th
April 9th 10th 29th
May 13th 21st 22nd
June 17th 25th 26th
July 15th 23rd 24th
Aug. 5th 20th 21st
Sept. 9th 17th 18th
Oct. 14th 22nd 23rd
Nov. 12th 13th
Dec. 9th 17th 18th

Color and Feathering Training $1200

Recognition of a psychological type of your client
Effects you can achieve with lash extension
Working with pretentious clients
Working with colors: essentials of color in lash extension
Color wheel
Creating make up effect, ombré, chatouche  and highlights effects designed by Marina Larskaya
Feathering technique designed  by Polina Glebanova
Decoration in lash extension
Applying lower lash extension in order to open even narrow eyes
Practicing with a model

Russian Volume and Lower Lash Training $1300

Info about the natural lashes   
Observing the lashes: curls, lengths, thicknesses, colors
Proper lengths and thicknesses for volume extension: how to pick the right artificial lashes
Setting the lash direction: placing lashes with the right angle
Golden points of lash extension: area of adhesion, adhesive joints, distance between the eyelid and the fan, right lash placement
4 lash extension effects and styling techniques
Different methods of creating the volume fan. How does the perfect fan look like and how to make it quick
How to pick the right tweezers
Working with inner and outer corner and baby lashes
Speeding up your work
Lower lashes extension 
Lash “prosthesis”: how to deal with big gaps between natural lashes
Practice: 40-60 mins to form the fans and apply it on a cotton pad
Practice: work with a model, applying the full set

Russian Mega Volume Training $1500

Advanced volume and Russian Queen Mega volume
Full coverage of any styling issue they might have: expanded info from the previous training
Huge guide for styling techniques (8 types of styling)
How to work with all possible eye shapes and eye positions
2 types of direction, creating an outline while applying lashes to achieve the perfect symmetry
How to apply mega volume up to 16D and proving that it doesn't harm the natural lash if you're doing it right
Creating a lash prosthesis (covering the lack of lashes as a result of some kind of injury)
Mixing the curls and zones of curl transitions
How to achieve the perfect top lash line