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Add Length and Volume to Your Lashes

Our Eyelash Extension Services

Learn more about eyelash extensions only from the expert — Face Enhancements Boutique in Brentwood, Missouri. Browse this page to find out what procedure perfectly suits your needs.

Eyelash Service Prices

Associate Stylist Full Sets (1 ½ to 2 hours)

        • Classic (Mascara Look) $99
        • Hybrid (Classic & Volume) $125
        • Volume $150

Advanced Stylist Full Sets (1 to 1 ½ hours)

        • Classic (Mascara Look) $150
        • Hybrid (Classic & Volume) $175
        • Volume $175+


      • 30 minutes, $45
      • 45 minutes, $60
      • 60 minutes, $75


  • Lower Lash Extensions, $35
  • Eyebrow Extensions, Prices vary
    • Lash Perm, $60
    • Lash Lift & Tint $100
    • Lash Tint, $30
    • Lash and Brow Tint, $50

Re-Lash Packages

  • 3 months (2 re-lash per month) $300 ($360 value)
  • 6 months (2 re-lash per month) $600 ($720 value)
  • 9 months (2 re-lash per month) $900 ($1080 value)
  • 12 months (2 re-lash per month) $1200 ($1440 value)
  • 3 months (1 re-lash per month) $175 ($225 value)
  • 6 months (1 re-lash per month)$375 ($450 value)
  • 9 months (1 re-lash per month) $575 ($675 value)
  • 12 months (1 re-lash per month) $750 ($900 value)


What Are Lash Extensions?

Lash extensions are synthetic lashes that are adhered to your natural lashes with semi-permanent lash extension adhesive.

How Long Will Lash Extensions Last? How Often are Touch-Up Appointments Recommended?

The lifetime of each lash extension varies. Your natural lashes grow in 4 to 13 week cycles and not one lash will be on the same cycle. When a lash has reached the end of its cycle, it will shed along with the extension. Typically, with proper care, the lash extension adhesive should last for 6 to 8 weeks with a touch-up every 2 to 3 weeks to replace the shed lashes.

How Long Will the Initial Application Take?

Your initial visit will take 1 to 2 hours depending on your chosen look. You will be lying down on a massage bed with your eyes closed and with music playing in the background. It is also perfectly normal for you to fall asleep during the procedure.

How Will I Know If I Am a Candidate for Lash Extensions?

Your natural lashes need to be in good health. You cannot get lash extensions if you are missing natural lashes (i.e. bald spots). Your natural lashes must also be long enough to be able to support the weight of the adhesive and lash extension (even though you may not feel the weight, your lashes will).

If you schedule an appointment and it is determined that your natural lashes are not in good health AND are not long enough, you may have to wait for 2 to 3 weeks before you can reschedule.

How Should I Prepare for My Appointment?

Please make sure that you remove any mascara and eye makeup with oil-free makeup remover or toner/astringent prior to your appointment.

How Do I Care for My Eyelash Extensions?

  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Avoid pulling out your lash extensions or your natural lashes.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler.
  • Avoid sleeping on your face.
  • Prevent the extensions from getting wet for at least 48 hours.
  • Use a water-based eye makeup remover to dissolve any eyeliner or eyeshadow.
  • Do not let oil-based products come near your eyes.
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